Grass house

My name is Lorraine Strong and I am the owner of Kentishgarden for Jewellery Crafts and New Age products.

I love Jewellery and have enjoyed learning about the healing powers of Gemstones. I have been doing various crafts from a child, my nan spent many hours teaching me how to knit and Sew. She used to make uniforms for men during the war. In recent years I have done card making and photo journaling.

My inspiration comes from many things, nature, art, different textures, the effects of colour, my love of travel etc. . . . I have toured Australia twice and spent some time meeting some Aborigines in their communities which gave me an insight into how they use natural materials for their Artwork and Jewellery and are guided by Dreamtime. I enjoy learning about different cultures. My other great love is Cornwall, which I visit often. I have Cornish Ancestors and hope to own a holiday home there one day. My art studio is inspired by my love of the beach.

I am interested in healing for the Body, Mind and Spirit and have spent some years giving healing to people and animals. I meditate daily and enjoy all aspects of personal growth.

Kentishgarden is named after my home, I live in Kent in England which is called the Garden of England. I enjoy being in my own Garden in Kent being at one with nature.

 I hope that you like the items in my shop some of which has been handmade by me.